Creating Meaningful Legacies with Confidence and Grace

When a loved one becomes disabled, or passes away, the path forward can feel uncertain. Community and trusted advisors are key to building the resilience necessary to forge the way ahead.

At Grace Estate Law we assist clients with creating meaningful legacies with confidence and grace. Whether you need assistance creating a Will and Trust, or to understand your options upon the death or disability of a loved one, our firm’s trusted legal counsel have the experience you can rely on.

We also believe that legacy planning is so much more than just drafting legal documents and making court appearances. We know that listening to a client’s story is key to creating a legal plan of action unique to their goals. When a client feels heard, they gain the confidence to overcome hardship.

“Resilience is the ability to overcome hardship in the face of adversity. When we become resilient, the future feels more certain, and our plans, achievable.”

Adriane S. Grace

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Estate plannin

Estate Planning

Creating Meaningful Legacies with Confidence and Grace.

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Probate & Estate Administration

Experienced Estate Counsel You Can Trust.

Disability Planning

Your Advocate for Disability Rights.



Caring Advocacy for Your Loved Ones.

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